Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 5 = 6 places

Day 5 = 6 places

These are places that I want to go :)

1.) Italy!!! I have wanted to get there for years...and years...the art, the food, the wine, the countryside - oh my.

2.) Alaska- it's super far away and there is snow there and it just looks gorgeous :)

3.)  Portugal- it's my motherland, I need to see where my people were from ;) meaning my late grandfather's parents and relatives.

4.) France- Paris, London, you name it, I wanna see it- touristy traps and all

5.) Ireland/ Scotland- my other roots, the whiter ones lol. Pub food and beer please!

6.) Hawaii- hello, it's gorgeous. I wanna see it.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Day 4 = 7 wants

7 Wants!

Well since I was just talking about this with a friend I will start off with some food wants and move to art wants!

1.) Alton Brown's Good Eats cookbooks, volumes 1 -2 - and 3 please!

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

2.) A red Kitchenaid with a glass bowl...I know I have one already and it's selfish but I reallly want this one instead of black.
Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

3.) Cast iron corncob shaped cornbread pan :)
Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

4.) I got the 72 set for xmas but I want the big kahuna!
Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

5.) New Drawing table for when I have more studio space

6.) Daylight clip-on studio lamp, so that when I am drawing at night or painting, the light wont distort my color palette, resulting in better artwork.

7.) New paint brush stock...mine are getting a little tired and that is not good for detail work.

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy 2012!!!

I didn't get to my post today but i will in the morning. Hope you all have a fabulous year!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day 3- 8 Fears

Well, I was afraid this one would come up. ba dum cha!

1.) Centipedes...just writing the word made me want to cry...and looking at it makes me want to as well...I don't like my friends even saying the word...I'm traumatized.

2.) Lately I have been afraid or thinking about fires and people losing everything and what would I do if I lost everything. Next place I rent I am getting renters insurance for sure..I am a bit OCD...I check the stove and toaster over before I leave for work...

3.) Drowning- next to fire drowning would be just as bad...I do not like to swim in deep water that I can't see the bottom or touch the bottom if I want to, swimming pools are okay but I do not swim over the drain.

4.) Oddly, as much as I adore children, I am constantly afraid of becoming pregnant- esp being pregnant and not knowing. A friend of mine, his girlfriend was like 16 weeks along before she found out....that scares me! gah! I know I will be ready someday...but until then.

5.) Dying in general...I lost my father and a couple of close family members. With all the crazy cancers and diseases out there I am constantly afraid of dying myself, I have so much to live for and I do not want to lose that or another close family member (my grammie will be the next to go :( ) I hope that I can stop thinking about bad things and just live and be happy- im trying!

6.) Never becoming successful enough with my art- I want people to know my name, I want to have success and solo shows in big galleries! I am afraid that I will continue on through life and not "make it". I have talent and I want to let it shine. Sometimes I feel that I need more confidence and drive to do this...

7.) Germs- I have become very OCD about this...I have to make sure if I or anyone like my boyfriend touches any chemical type thing that we wash our hands before touching food etc. I hate that I have become OCD about it happens. I do not like to share drinks/forks with anyone other than my boyfriend. Bleck.

8.) Bugs in general...I know I already mentioned the worse one of all, but I also HATE june bugs and spiders and basically anything that crawls or flies...they are gross and creepy and make me want to scream. In the summer I run in through my entry way to avoid getting bombed by June bugs etc...sometimes I wait for Al to get to my apartment before I go in so he can open the door and let me run in hahaha, what a wimp. Such an irrational fear that I cannot shake. I'm so much bigger than they are!

Day 2 = 9 loves

Again I will try to make these art related but no guarantees ;)

1.) Penguins! It started with my space penguin drawing and continued from there into many more drawings of penguins and receiving many penguin themed things, especially Christmas items! I have so many Christmas penguin decorations and ornaments now that it's not even funny.

2.) Owls- they are a newer obsession but I now have figurines and this owl picture from Ikea in my apartment...they are cute, I give a hoot ;)

3.) Gnomes - ever since David the Gnome was on tv...I've liked em.

4.) The Boston Bruins ;) (see above)

5.) Sequins/glittery things- umm what girl doesn't? Nail polish to shirts to purses, I love it all! I own 3 sequin hats :)

6.) Prismacolor Markers- I draw all my penguins with these beauties...they are great quality, but also very expensive...oh the life as an artist! BUT I got a new 72 set for xmas from my man <3

7.) Golden Acrylics- good quality paint, I am slowly replacing all of my crappy student grade paint with this's expensiveeeee

8.) Hearts (yes that was my foot, freshly tatted up). I love them, I add them in my artwork, and I have things around my apartment with them on or in them...they just make me happy!

9.) My Kitchenaid Mixer - cooking is art, and I love it just as much :)

I did 2 days in a row of blogging, whoa let's see if I keep the 10 day challenge up!

Monday, November 14, 2011

10 days, 10 posts

SO I am a bad blogger and my friend Helen has started a hilarious blog and she is following a 10 day program to start her off, and since I am bad at blogging I am going to try to do the 10 day thing as well. But I am going to try to make it art related...since this is my Art Goddess Blog :)

This is how it’s gonna go:
Day 1 = 10 secrets
Day 2 = 9 loves
Day 3 = 8 fears
Day 4 = 7 wants
Day 5 = 6 places
Day 6 = 5 foods
Day 7 = 4 books
Day 8 = 3 films
Day 9 = 2 songs
                                                        Day 10 = 1 picture

Day 1- 10 secrets 

1.) I can't draw hands and feet well. In fact, I HATE drawing them- when I had live models in class I struggled with the lower legs and feet- so most of the time I concentrated on the faces and upper body. I am really good at faces thanks to that, but I wish that I had pushed myself more to get better at those pesky hands and feet. 

2.) I am left handed but I use my right when I paint quite frequently. They often say that lefties are more artistic, and I am glad that I am left handed- except for those stupid lefty scissors in grade school- those did NOT work for me haha. In fact, I draw and eat with my left hand, BUT I brush my hair, brush my teeth, cut veggies, and bowl/throw right handed. When I am painting or drawing I often get my right hand into it with smudging, etc. But am I in my right mind?

3.) I can't wait to post art and get comments from friends and strangers alike...who doesnt like a compliment now and then, right? right? It makes me feel awesome, and better than the next guy/gal.

4.) I feel that I AM better than a lot of shitty artists that get into awesome galleries.

5.) I am too lazy to get my shit together sometimes to try and get into said galleries. Fear of rejection maybe?

6.) I sometimes wish that I had gone to New York for school...not that location makes you move successful, but sometimes it does- I almost went to Pratt for Art Therapy but opted out because I was dating a cheating loser and wanted to stay closer to home so I could drive to see him every weekend because he didnt have a that was a successful choice.

7.) I avoid my old Art Ed advisor when she comes into Whole Foods because I'm sometimes ashamed that I am working in a grocery store and not teaching like I once planned on doing (still glad that I chose not to do that)....

8.) I know my art is worth more that I charge most's hard when a lot of your clients are your friends and co-workers. I need to charge more, because I sure as hell spend wayyyy too many hours on pieces for what I get.

9.) I do not like to have people watch me while I am drawing/painting- not good under pressure and being a perfectionist makes me cringe when people see my work in the rough stages.

10.) I wish I could open a food establishment and hang my art all over the walls for people to buy. :) Pizzart, i just came up with that one lol- cause I am the Van Gogh of Dough <3

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Commission stuffed animal tea party = complete!

Just waiting for client to come up with the final payment, but this puppy is done! Currently working on Christmas presents for family and friends :) pics of those to follow!